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JLM Window Cleaning offers two types of Cleaning Services;

1. Traditional Ladder Method

We use the traditional ladder and squeegee method, and in all residential cases we take pride in cleaning not only the windows but the frames and window sills as well. We know that a great many of our customers have, in the past, had other window cleaners who refused to clean window ledges and frames, but we feel they are part and parcel of the clean. There is always a team of two attending cleans for health and safety reasons. ( Footing ladders etc).

2. Waterfed Pole System

JLM Window Cleaning uses the BMS Reach and Wash System. This is when the operator cleans the windows from the safety of the ground using waterfed poles. When the water is processed through the system, all mineral and chemical content is removed and 100% pure water remains. This “Pure Water” has the desire to change back to its impure state, and therefore when it is applied to the dirty window surface it rapidly “sucks back in” all impurities it encounters. When further pure water is applied to the window, it remains mineral-free and the windows will dry clean and spotless.

The use of Waterfed Poles removes the need to work at height which in turn dramatically reduces injuries and in some cases death from falling off ladders. This has resulted from the Work at Height regulations 2005 which has tightened safe practice for window cleaners.

JLM Window Cleaning is happy to offer a free demonstration and a competitive quote.

Window Cleaning Methods